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"Thank you for a wonderful paint job. You have transformed Fantasy 1. She looks better than before. Your attention to detail and willingness to everything possible to make things perfect (not easy on an old vessel has been very much appreciated by both of us..... KARL AND SANDI "

Tools and Equipments

Tools are just like an extension of our staffs arms. At Pro Yachting knows from experience without a quality and correct tools to combine with our well trained staff. Finished products will not have the best quality finished as it should have. With this realization Pro Yachting searched high and low for perfect tools and equipments to make all jobs perfect. All tools and equipments at Pro Yachting are well look after, well maintain and considering to be a part of the family. Pro Yachting firmly beliefs tools and equipments are just as important as all staffs. That’s why all tools and equipments have to be a quality and well cared for.


Specialized paint guns for perfect finished on paint jobs

* Air spray gun for general painting
* Airless spray gun for under waterline painting
* Air assist spray gun for the part that need special painting
* Electrostatic spray gun for interior painting
* HVLP spray gun for furniture painting

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